IP Royal Review


Is IP Royal Review legit?
IP Royal makes a lot of claims about paying its members when they share their extra internet bandwidth. We have done the hard work and put all these claims to the test and now unveiling the details specially for you.

Do you have internet connection, PC/Laptop and mobile phone (Android Only); and looking to earn legit income 100% handsfree? IP Royal makes strong claims that they can pay you for availing your free internet bandwidth.

But, is IP Royal legit or a scam to frown at?

The short answer is, yes, IP Royal is indeed a legit platform where you can earn passively from sharing your internet.

Let's get to the details in this review so you can make your own mind about if this type of business is yours or not.

Below is a video that I have prepared for you to go into visual details of how this business can reward you.

Ways to earn

(A) Share your unused internet

The main way that IP Royal offer to their members is sharing your internet and being paid for doing so.

To be able to earn and start seeing the numbers adding on your screen, you will need to install the program on your machine. To do so successfully make sure that you are logged in with you correct credentials.

The program is compatible with Windows, Mac, Android and Linux. Hopefully IOS devices will be added to the list soon.

The beauty about this splendid piece of work is that after you've done the setting up, there's pretty nothing to do on your side. Ensure your device is internet connected and IP Royal will run in the background.

If you have a really fast internet connection, you will not even experience any slightest drop in your internet speed. I am running this program on a 20Mps line without any issues.

On their website they have indicated potential earnings ranging from $5-$140. Your 1GB of data shared through their network will give you $0.20. It is also stated that if you keep your machine on longer and consistently, you will receive some extra income perks.

Always bear in my that you will only receive your earnings for one connection per IP address. One device per internet connection 


(B) Invite a friend

Additional to sharing your unused internet bandwidth to earn with IP Royal, you can participate in their affiliate program and earn more.

You will earn 10% of the total income they earn from IP Royal. 

It is important that we develop a culture of join such offers with each other's referral links because the earning are not taken from the person you referred. It is just a way the business rewards the efforts of team work. It's a win-win situation.

One thing to note is your 10% from your referral will be credited to you when your referral makes a withdrawal. You will also receive a one time $1 bonus the first time your referral cashes out.

Ready to join 

 IP Royal has one of the most easy to follow website, so signing up will be a breeze and take a few seconds to complete.

You can click the link below and you will be taken directly to the sign up page where you will fill your details and start earning shortly.

After completion of the sign up process, you can then login and download the app to start immediately.

Please do send you comments and questions below. I cant to wait to hear of all your experiences with IP Royal opportunity.

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