Current... Is this APP legit or a scam? Is it a right fit for you...?

The current app is mainly famous for paying its users to listen to music. Though this may be one way of earning from the app, it definitely has many more ways that a member can leverage and earn.

From the tone of my first paragraph, I am certain that you rightfully suspect that I am declaring this app legit, you guessed correctly 👌

Sounds unbelievable right....? Believe it, the current app actually pays you to listen to music and of cause in many other ways.

How can you earn and what's the earning potential?

One of the ways you will earn with the current app is a well known and I have already mentioned it above... You get paid to listen to music!

1. Earn by playing music

By listen to music through this app, you will earn points. We will discuss the value of this points later and how you can convert them to cash. 

After signing up, you will be prompted to choose your favourite genre of music. This will play a major role later on to customize the kind of music that will be suggested to you.

One great feature about this app is that it can continue playing music even in the background. Meaning you can earn without having to stop operating other apps and functions on your phone. That's the sound of passive income.

In my experience, the app will pop up a message from time to time (I have not timed it to know the exact time it takes before it shows this message) to watch a video to reactivate your earning status, especially when you've been listening to music/radio for prolonged times. It has always been a 5 seconds video so far that I've had to watch to continue earning again.

2. Earn by watching videos

You can also increase your earnings by watching videos. Just be aware that the videos are not always available. 

Your earnings are immediately updates when you have watch the entire video. So far I have seen an advertisement video that goes beyond a minute of playtime.

Whenever you have idle time, you can just hop in and click through the video ads. Initially it may not look like lots you are making substantial income from these, but just be patient until the magic of exponential income kicks in.

3. Earn by completing paid offers

Another way that current rewards their members is though paid offers. This where you will complete small task like playing a game, answering a short quiz, joining a trial membership, etc. 

Each paid offer is unique so you will need to read instructions carefully so that you will complete successfully and be paid for it.

Take advantage of this offer and maximize your earnings within the current app.  

4. Earn by answering surveys

There's yet another way you can boost your earnings with current through answering and completing paid surveys. Surveys will not always be available so if you get a chance you may need to snatch them quickly.

You will not qualify for all the available survey, don't lose heart just move on to the next survey. Be as honest as possible when you answer these surveys so you will not sabotage your earnings.

Use your own pace and don't overwhelm yourself. This your space to work and make money whilst having a good time 😉

5. Earn by referring others

Here is the cherry on the cake. It's now time to boost your earnings by sharing to your friends and colleagues about this great earning opportunity.

Use your referral link to invite other and you will earn 100 points for each person who joins using your link. You will even get 5% of they earn through listening music forever.

It doesn't seem, however, that you get referral commissions through other activities your referrals fulfil except for listening to music. This is minor disadvantage and shouldn't discourage us from sharing about current.

BONUS: You will receive a daily bonus each day that you are logged and active in the app without any confirmations from your side.

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