Can you really make money listening to music?

Have you been wondering how true and valid are such claims? 

I will be sharing my experience with you to walk you through the details of how you too can earn money listening to music from your phone. I will also highly appreciate if you do join this business though my affiliate link.

I have written an indepth review of this one awesome app that I have found so far which has lived up to its claims of paying me for listening to music... please find it here.

I was also extremely sceptical when I started but this app has proven itself by paying me a multiple of times and I am presently still earning from it. At the time of writing this post I had not recorded any videos of me doing withdrawals from this app... I will be posting my future payments proof video in this post.

The name of the app is current as you might have noticed if you did click and follow the link for the detailed review.

You can use it on both, Android and IOS devices. They do look a bit different for the different devices as illustrated in the picture below but they function exactly the same.

You can definitely earn in many more ways than listen to music but I will focus only on the music payment aspect for this post. Cash out you money via PayPal. If you need help with opening your PayPal account, you can check out this link that will take you through the process.

If you want to, you may check all the other tasks that this app offers to pay you for fufilling them. It will definitely increase your earnings rate and help you withdraw quicker. Find out the details of how many ways current will pay you.

This will certainly not make you a millionaire but will definitely help you create a passive income that can accumulate into substantial income over time.

Let's not fold our arms and cry foul about the harshness of our local economies, here's an opportunity for us to earn passive income.

The average person only uses their mobile phone to spend money. Change the status of your phone from being a liability to be an asset.

 Let's change our tomorrow today. See you on the other side

I value your input and comments. Please feel free to share your experiences with the current app and Im certain it will help someone out there. I cant wait to hear from you.  

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