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Hi, my name is Sipho Bhiya from the south of Johannesburg in South Africa. I am a Husband of one woman and a Father of 3 kids (2 boys and 1 girl). I am very passionate about helping people and teaching, probably comes from the fact that I am a Pastor and Preacher by calling and purpose.

I am very much thrilled to have you visit my blog and hope to provide value to you and your life in general.

I have been an affiliate marketer from 2014 and have owned a few online business that I sold profitably. I hope to share my experiences and help anyone who has been victimized by scams and just don't know if this online wealth dream can be realized.

Through this blog I will openly share with you reviews of many online businesses and payment proofs.

Please do share your comments and experiences as they will be very helpful to improve my work here. Please do share this blog to your friends, family and colleagues, I will highly appreciate.